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The Challenge

  • The challenge is brought by Openbaar Ministerie, Public Prosecution Service (OM).

The Public Prosecution Service, called the “Openbaar Ministerie” (OM), processes more than 200,000 cases per year in The Netherlands. A third of the suspects are suspected of economic crimes such as theft or burglary. About 25% of the people are suspected of a violent offense and almost a fifth of the people are suspected of a traffic offense. Most of these crimes are considered as “common crimes”. For those crimes the OM works with the ZSM Methodology: A methodology that aims to come with a tailor-made solution for both perpetrator and victim. A fast process and a well-considered decision are key factors for the ZSM Methodology. Last year 175,000 cases were processed using the ZSM methodology.

Your challenge is to develop a concept to make ZSM more interactive, using multimedia and digital tools and to find a better way to record and communicate decisions to the perpetrator and victim.

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