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TeamThe Creative Crew

Adrien Pernet

Hotels offer endless possibilities when it comes to green innovation. More than being a meaningful challenge to us, it is also a particularly relevant field for Vincent and I to work on, since our respective backgrounds are eminently complementary: Vincent is passionate about life sciences and has always been seeking opportunities to work on worthwhile projects aiming to develop sustainable solutions for the environment. As a former intern in a marketing consultancy, I had the opportunity to study the needs of customers and to think about the most creative ways to enrich their experience. With the skills we’ve been acquiring, Vincent and I are more than ready to tackle the challenge offered by the Innovators Race.
  • Achievements

My greatest achievement was definitely working within Paris fire brigade, as a paramedics officer: a truly challenging experience in which I had to manage teams 72 hours per week during field interventions such as cardiopulmonary reanimations, child births and traumas. Spending six months saving lives and taking care of people with other firefighters strengthened my motivation to help improve everyone s quality of life and build a sustainable future. I have also been working with Vincent on a project aiming at creating eco-friendly buildings by replacing their windows with microalgae facades that turn solar energy into heat, thus reducing the energy consumption.

  • Specialization

Innovation management, Consumer insight, marketing & strategy, IT ,

Vincent Rousseau

As two future engineers and passionate travelers, we believe that getting to know our multi-faceted world and its numerous cultures and identities is essential to think out of the box and share innovative ideas. We both have our hearts set on sustainable development as we do think that science is about improving our living-together and making our world a place we care about. Adrien and I have known each other and worked together for now more than 5 years. It is thanks to our mutual trust and synergy that we both managed to enter France\'s leading school for science and engineering. We now intend to use our creativity to take up the key challenges of the future, and that is why this Innovators Race is definitely made for us.
  • Achievements

Just after I entered École Polytechnique, I decided to spend 6 months in the south of France to help primary school teachers in the most disadvantaged areas to teach science through experimentation and investigation. Working with those 33 teachers and 791 children was an extraordinarily fulfilling experience, and an opportunity to share my passion for sustainable development with them by creating an ecology-themed scientific challenge between 13 classes: designing the best autonomous vehicle using only waste material !! Once back in Polytechnique, I decided to pursue my passion by organizing the Sustainable Development Week: 7 days to raise awareness and share innovative ideas on sustainable solutions through lectures and fun activities. I also helped a major pharmaceutical company to develop environmental-friendly water treatment processes in its industrial site in Singapore, a decision that allowed them to save 100k$/year at the same time !!

  • Specialization

Sustainable solutions, Biology, Biodiversity, Sociology, Data science, Teamwork, Public Speaking ,