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TeamThe lovebirds

Boudewijn Poot

With an education in interdisciplinary research, a major in problem analysis (physics) and prior experience in developing concepts or applications to simplify certain processes I think I am the perfect candidate to qualify for this race.
  • Achievements

- Developed application for studentjob to streamline social media contact\r\n- Taught university students calculus\r\n- Founded IT service startup

  • Specialization

Fundamental problem analysis ,

Angela De Zeeuw

I should primarily qualify for this race because of my substantive knowledge of Dutch public law. I can provide for the contents in our product, and doing so, I can make sure that our product is realistic within the ZSM methodology. Secondly, my ability to make difficult legal terms accessible to the suspects and victims will make my skillset indispensable for this project.
  • Achievements

- Tutored several subjects to highschool students\r\n- Previous member of Youth city council\r\n- Previous member of Board of student association\r\n- Volunteer for Red Cross Netherlands

  • Specialization

Abstract reasoning ,