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Ankit Agarwal

we have come up with this innovative concept of \"LEARN TO EARN\" where the users will have duo benefits where they could gain knowledge as well as money.Further it provides optimised platforms to people good in a field but not able to reach it audience
  • Achievements

Interned at Talerang\r\n Microsofts Student Ambassador

  • Specialization

Programming, Java, JavaScript, Android ,

Chirantan Mahipal

We should win @innovatorsrace to make the dream of a good education a right not a privilege.
  • Achievements

Won Microsoft\'s Beauty of Programming 2015 @ Shanghai,\r\nWon Microsoft\'s All India Code Hunt Competition,\r\nDeveloped various Android Apps.

  • Specialization

Genius, Playboy, Billionaire, Philanthropist (Or so I\'d hope to be) ,