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TeamThe Happiness Workers

Josephine Abraham-Emschwiller

It seems like the Innovators Race and especially the French project was designed for us. We love the fact that it blends tourism (we are two passionate citizens of the world), sustainability (this is something we work for on campus, and we feel it is a vital issue) and innovation !!
  • Achievements

Being passionate about cultural diversity and willing to make a difference in people\\\'s life has led me go on a humanitarian mission in the Philippines with a local NGO. This was my best work experience ever !!!!

  • Specialization

Life Sciences, Environment, Biology ,

Christelle Rohaut

We are two female students from the French leading school for science. One is passionate about green energies and urbanism, the other is fond of biological and life sciences. We both love traveling the world mainly to interact with local communities and we are aspiring to work to make a difference in people\'s lives. We are ready to run a fantastic Innovators Race !!
  • Achievements

Being passionate about green architecture and urbanism has led me to qualify for the Bouygues Construction challenge last year whic dealt with \\\"designing an environmental-friendly city\\\" and my team was rewarded the third prize.

  • Specialization

Green Energies, Environmental Engineering, Sustainable Communities ,